How to Start Baby-led Weaning: Tips and Tricks for Parents

Is it time to start feeding your baby with solid food? For many parents, that means tons of veggie purees and smashed cereals will be thrown on the kitchen floor. But what if we say that there is an alternative way to introduce solid food to your infant? This approach is called baby-led weaning, or BLW in short. 

BLW is quite a new practice, but more and more parents in the UK and the USA opt for it. Letting your baby feed himself or herself underlies this approach. The food is offered in thick finger-size pieces and is soft and easily squishable between your fingers. This way, the food is both easy to hold but has a low risk of choking.

Baby-led weaning allows babies to learn how to chew (or more accurately, gum) first, then swallow. It also prevents parents from pushing food, since babies are in control of how much they put into their mouths. As you see, this approach is pretty beneficial both for parents and babies. So, here are some tips on how you can try it: 

  • Always supervise your baby while he or she is eating
  • Study what food is good for BLW. For example, bananas are a great choice, whereas raw apples are choking hazards. 
  • Don’t panic or overreact. Your baby feels your emotions and can refuse to eat or start crying. 
  • Provide your sweetheart with safe utensils. For example, you can get something from our wide selection of BLW and feeding essentials

The BLW approach isn’t rocket science. It’s quite simple but beneficial for your baby’s development. However, if spoon-speeding is more comfortable for you and your infant, there is no need to abandon it! You can try to mix these two approaches, for example. 

Whatever way you choose, at Baby Adriel Shop, you will find anything you need for your baby, starting from feeding supplies and finishing with baby safety products. Come and see for yourself! 

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