How to Create a Newborn Sleep Routine

The first two weeks of your baby’s life are definitely the happiest and, at the same time, the toughest in yours. Every parent knows that sleep deprivation is just part of the package and is ready for that. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about that. For example, you can understand the sleep routine of your newborn and adjust to it. And in some time, you can even change it.  

First two months of your baby’s life are not suitable for creating a specific sleep schedule. All you can do during this time is to learn the sleeping pattern (and enjoy your parenting, of course). These are several things to pay attention to: 

  1. Teach your baby day from time

As we already mentioned, newborns don’t know what part of the day it is. Your goal is to explain it to your child. During the day, you should keep the light on or open windows to let sunshine come into the room. Play and communicate with your baby.  

At night, be more quiet and dim the light. Don’t engage with a baby when he or she wakes up to eat.

  • Understand sleep cues

In other words, you should find out the signs of sleepiness of your baby like yawning, rubbing eyes. The main goal is to give your baby a chance to learn how to fall asleep without your help. 

  • Create pre-sleeping routine

Such a bedtime routine might include bath, book, massage, or lullaby. In some time, your baby will get the pattern and fall asleep faster. But avoid feeding your baby to make him or her sleep. If you do so, he or she will only be able to sleep while eating. 

Once your baby celebrates his or her 2-month birthday, you can start modifying the sleeping routine by implementing a loose eating and a sleep timetable. 

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